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Thursday, 11 August 2011

St Mary's Chief Candice Paul Reacts to Snub by Natural Resources Minister

About 70 anti-shale gas protesters kept up the pressure on the Alward government today, showing up at a rally at the Centennial Building in Fredericton and chanting loudly for the Premier to appear. Away to previously scheduled appearances, he did not. But Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup did meet with the group, many of whom were part of the blockade on route 625 near Stanley earlier this week.

The Minister was surrounded by the crowd and media, listening patiently and answering questions from concerned citizens and First Nations. Protesters appreciated the show of good will on Northrup's part, but any quarter he was granted by the crowd was squandered when he left the meeting without speaking to St. Mary's Chief Candice Paul, citing time constraints. Boo's rose up from all sides as Northrup left the foyer of the building through glass security doors leading into the main hallway.

Although Premier Alward wasn't available and Minister Northrup left early, protesters vowed to continue their quest to have shale gas banned in New Brunswick.

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  1. Chief was very gracious about it. Such is the way of a People who had social "government" down pat, looked after each other, and lived in comfort and mutual kindness. What existed on this land before Columbus came was a kind of society and method of leadership built into the very fibre of the society that would set the bar for any current world government to aspire to. For those who would like a detailed explaination of this reality, read "We Were Not The Savages" by Daniel N. Paul, who among many other things is a Justice of the Peace in NS, member of The Order of Canada, and a Commissioner with NS Police Commission. Even reading the first 40 pages will provide clarification and illumination to those who think that pre-columbian indiginous peoples of this continent were "uncivilized".

    It's good to see a classy reaction such as Chief's, in the face of blatant ignorance, it reassures that hope prevails for everyone. See, the First Nations are holding the 'trump card', and the government knows it, and that's why government officials won't talk with Chiefs or members of First Nations...bullies always avoid those who stand up to them, don't they. I'm sure an e-mail isn't the last he's going to hear about the matter ;)