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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Shale Gas Regulations Coming?

CBC News for New Brunswick reported this evening Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup stated today changes to provincial shale gas regulations are planned. Reporter Susan King told host Harry Forestell that in consultation with the Natural Gas Group, the province's steering committee overseeing the shale gas industry here, new regulations will be put in place in response to concerns. No timeline was given for when the new regulations would be enacted. Click on the link below for the full report, starting at the 9:29 mark in the broadcast.

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  1. New regs for what?thought they all knew what they were doing?and this is the second time they did or going to make changes to regs?and the ones from June 23rd werent even clear!now they are going in, for what, to make changes because there is pressure so they cant cut corners?imagine if nobody opposed this industry here, were would we be in terms of regs and were would the industry go? The fracsdout here!BAN to is it, that is all. Goverment and Corporate, meaning Law Society, do not underestimate the power of the people.its only going to make NB or other places on this planet worsed off.One Love, One Life, even for the selfish and greedy, we will protect you eventhough we dont agree with your actions. Just like a parent, unconditional LOVE