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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Liberal MLA's Meet with Anti-Shale Gas Protesters in Fredericton Today

A crowd of 30 to 40 protesters gathered at the Centennial Building in Fredericton today for the now-weekly anti-shale gas protest. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

Liberal MLA Denis Landry meets with anti-shale gas protesters at the Centennial Building today in Fredericton. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

Liberal MLA Roger Melanson listens to the concerns of an anti-shale gas protester at the Centennial Building in Fredericton today. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

Premier Alward's vehicle was in his parking spot at the Centennial Building today, but he didn't meet with protesters outside until it was almost over. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

Anti-shale gas kids in the movement. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

Creative protests signs are a common sight at the anti-shale gas protests around the province. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

Blogger Charles LeBlanc buttonholes Liberal MLA Denis Landry at the anti-shale gas protest today at the Centennial Building in Fredericton. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

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