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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Audio Recording of Julia Linke's Meeting with Minister Northrup on Friday - Part I

Dr. Julia Linke, centre, meets Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup, left, to discuss the shale gas issue on Friday as Charles LeBlanc, right, looks on. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

Dr. Julia Linke, B.A. Forestry, M.A. Science and Ph.D Geography, met with Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup on Friday as a concerned citizen about the shale gas issue. Linke, a resident of the Taymouth area, requested the meeting with Northrup after seeing him give out his office number in a video from Charles LeBlanc's blog for anyone who wanted to speak to him on the matter.

Linke invited The Purple Violet Press and Charles LeBlanc to sit in on the meeting and report it's goings-on. However, the Minister's communications team requested an audio recording only, no video was permitted.

Also present at the meeting with Minister Northrup was Deputy Minister Sam McEwan, Deputy Minister Phil LePage and Communications Officer Steve Benteau. Besides the Minister answering Linke's questions, McEwan can also be heard on the audio recording. Neither Benteau nor LePage spoke.

Towards the end of the meeting, this publication asked what the repercussions of breaking the contract with shale gas companies would mean for the province. However, a definitive answer wasn't given by the Minister or McEwan. (See Part III of the video)

This publication thanks Linke, the Minister and his team for allowing us to sit in on the meeting.

- video courtesy of Charles LeBlanc

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