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Monday, 29 August 2011

No seismic inspectors, but DNR advertising for petroleum operations technologist

While perusing the NB government job website today, we came across the following advertised in the 'open competitions' section. (An 'open competition' means government is recruiting from outside the civil service).

Department of Natural Resources
Petroleum Operations Technologist
Engineering Technician IV
Open Competition

The Department of Natural Resources, Minerals and Petroleum Development Branch, Fredericton, is seeking an individual to fill the role of a Petroleum Operations Technologist.

Reporting to the Manager, Resource Development, the incumbent will be accountable for technical issues relating to approvals for petroleum exploration, development and production. Responsibilities will include reviewing applications from industry clients for well drilling and completions, ensuring regulatory compliance by monitoring daily operations as well as ensuring operators submit reports in accordance with legislation, conducting field inspections to ensure operations are being carried out as authorized in the approval, reviewing abandonment programs, development plans and geophysical exploration applications; chairing and coordinating meetings with industry clients and/or government agencies and liaising with other government agencies as required for joint reviews.

ESSENTIAL QUALIFICATIONS: High school graduation supplemented by a recognized technology program diploma, and a minimum of six (6) years related work experience. Membership or eligibility for membership in the New Brunswick Society of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists is required. The successful candidate will demonstrate a high degree of technical knowledge of the petroleum industry, i.e. all phases of drilling, including testing, completions, production and abandonment, as well as geophysical exploration in order to ensure compliance with legislated requirements for best management practices. A good understanding of environmental legislation and practices should also be demonstrated.

Written and spoken competence in English is required.  Please state your language capability on your application.

Applicants must clearly demonstrate the essential qualifications to be given further consideration. Please ensure that preferred language for assessment is identified on your resume.

ASSET QUALIFICATIONS: Preference may be given to candidates that demonstrate certification in First Line Blowout Prevention, WHMIS, First Aid. Subject to the response to this competition, candidates may be required to demonstrate on their application one or more of the asset qualifications in addition to the essential qualifications in order to be given further consideration.

OPERATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be prepared to:  travel regularly to work sites; carry out physically demanding activities including walking to exploration or drill sites on all types of terrain and climbing onto drill rigs; work outside in extreme weather conditions; be exposed to dust and noise; wear required protective equipment during field work situations.

BEHAVIOURAL COMPETENCIES: The successful candidate will possess the following behavioural competencies: Client Service Orientation, Concern for Order, and Effective Interactive Communication.
Salary:  $41,314 to $51,896 per annum

Note:  In the event that this competition poses difficulties in recruiting a qualified candidate, a covering off appointment at a lower level may be made. In that case, candidates with less than the required related years of experience may also be considered.

We encourage applicants to apply on-line at https://www.ere.gnb.ca, by e-mail at brenda.m.nicholson@gnb.caor by mail at the following address by September 13, 2011 indicating competition number NR-11-15.
Department of Natural Resource
Human Resource Services
Hugh John Flemming Forestry Centre
1350 Regent Street
Fredericton, NB  E3C 2G6
Telephone:  (506) 453-6608

This competition may be used to fill future vacancies.  We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and we promote a scent-reduced environment.

We thank all those who apply however only those selected for further consideration will be contacted.

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