Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Scenes from the Fracking Fracas Last Week

RCMP officers and negotiators at the blockade helped to keep things running smoothly. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

Tow trucks were called in to remove vehicles surrounding seismic equiment at the onset of the blockade, but for the sake of calm weren't pressed into service. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

A reminder of another struggle between First Nations and law enforcement. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

Took a break from reporting to admire the view... ; )    (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

A tourist visiting NB wearing an interesting tee showed up to take in the blockade. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

One way to keep the treaties alive. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

A protester arrives in the afternoon on the first day of the blockade. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

Protester meets negotiator. (Photo: Cheryl Norrad)

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