Letters to the Editor

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Mayor Brad Woodside Will Schedule Public Safety Meeting with Friends of the UNB Woodlot and Dept. of Environment

Mayor Brad Woodside called Friends of UNB Woodlot member Mark D'Arcy on Friday, promising that the group would be allowed to make a presentation to the City. Woodside told D'Arcy that the City of Fredericton has a committee system, and that the Friends of the UNB Woodlot would be granted a presentation to the Public Safety Committee, a committee which includes several city councillors.

Mayor Woodside also said that the Department of Environment would be requested to make a presentation at the same time. D'Arcy thanked Mayor Woodside for granting this presentation, adding that the group would then like to follow up this first presentation with one to City council. The goal of the Friends of the UNB Woodlot is for City council to take the proactive step and ban high-impact industrial activity from the UNB woodlot through an amendment to Zoning Bylaw Z-2. Only City council can do this so the goal is to eventually bring the presentation to council. The Friends of the UNB Woodlot will recommend to council that they consider this ban for their entire city limits.

- video courtesy of Charles LeBlanc


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