Letters to the Editor

Friday, 12 August 2011

Northrup Snubs Chief Paul after Brooks' Speak - See 6:15 Mark in video Below


  1. Shot himself in the foot, walking away from a Chief. Respect is earned, and he didn't earn any this day. So, he says he was told that the First Nations were consulted...it's time to name some names: who specifically told him the First Nations were consulted and gave permission? Names of individuals please, not names of Companies or reports, that allows folks responsible for pushing permits through when they knew they didn't have proper clearance to hide behind the false-shield of anonymity in the form of a company name or report title.

  2. I would like to know why he had that little smile of mockery when Alma Brooks was speaking. Let's face it folks, unless the number is large enough to make a real impact, Northrup makes an appearance, gets paid big money for it, and exploration goes on as planned.