Letters to the Editor

Thursday, 4 August 2011

SWN Responds to PVP Request for Comment on Aug. 1 Protest March

SWN General Manager Tom Alexander replied today to our recent inquiry for the company's reaction to Monday's protest march. We asked if the growing opposition to the shale gas industry in NB would deter SWN from operating here. The following was his reply:

"We always encourage a healthy debate and are respectful of other’s concerns…always have been and always will be. Let’s remember that right now we are just in a research mode. There is no discovery yet and we do not know if there will be. So, we remain committed to completing our obligation to New Brunswick and its people which we commenced in March of 2010. There is nothing in our exploration activity that can have a significant impact on the environment and we will continue to keep people informed of our work. We will also continue to give people resources leading to credible and factual sites as well as our website which we routinely update. We believe, and it has been proven over and over for decades, that the industry can be developed in a responsible and sustainable manner in all parts of North America, including New Brunswick."


  1. Mr. Alexander your words are like honey in my heart. Will you marry me?

  2. lol.why call him Mr?everybody should bring him down to each of us eye level.He's dillusional, it's not his fault. just blinded by the shiny gold thats all.