Letters to the Editor

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mayor Woodside Retiring?

Sources say Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside is retiring next year and will not be running in the spring municipal elections. Woodside may be considering a possible senate appointment. We'd like to hear from his Worship on this, however, he isn't commenting to this publication anymore.

UPDATE:  We put this into the Twitterverse and his Worship responded in an open Twitter rather than a message as he had before 'unfollowing' us. Here verbatim is what the Mayor said to whether he will retire next year:  "No. I have announced publicly that i will be running for Mayor."

The Mayor also Tweeted the city has well-field protection from fracking but didn't say if it was provincial legislation or city zoning. When we asked, the Mayor Tweeted an open response saying we ought to call his office and ask. Our response? If he has cut us off from sending closed Twitter messages, he can easily do the same with our phone calls and emails. No reply.

No, the Mayor didn't reply. But some of  his followers chimed in with sniggering fratboy humor to bully us with, which the Mayor found funny, given the 'lol' response to one via his Twitter feed.


  1. It would seem that Mayor Woodside has retired from being accountable to the public.

  2. Betty O'Donnell4 August 2011 at 21:11

    So what. politicians announce publicly all the time they're running only to back out later on.

  3. I must introduced you to the Mayor....he's good to interview...

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