Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

SWN Responds to Vandalism and Intimidation Reports

Responding this afternoon to inquires from The Purple Violet Press, SWN General Manager, Tom Alexander, gave the following statement via email:

"Geokinetics, our subcontractor for the seismic exploration program, has hired security to assist operations across the province. They have experienced vandalism and threats to equipment and unfortunately, a few individuals have made threats to personal safety. Repairing vandalism and replacing equipment can be very costly and cause delays so security has been added to help avoid such incidents from occurring. That being said, we have asked Geokinetics to investigate the [intimidation] claim in your story. It is no one's intention for any aspect of our work to interfere with New Brunswickers enjoying the land as they normally would. I would also take this opportunity to add that the majority of the team's interactions during the field work have been respectful."

JD Irving communications official Mary Keith also responded a few moments ago to our inquiry regarding whether it was Irving equipment damaged in the act of vandalism over the weekend. Here is the response via email:

"I am not aware of any of our equipment involved in these vandalism incidences."


  1. Sorry Tom I couldn't hear you behind that kitchen door, won't you come back to Durham to do another open house? I'm sure you'll get a warm welcome just like last time..

  2. "I would also take this opportunity to add that the majority of the team's interactions during the field work have been respectful."

    respectful to who our land,the citizens, cause I have encountered the workers with people who live in the areas having the seismic testing done on a number of occasions and respect isn't what I see or have experienced. In fact quite the opposite.

  3. I also had to call the Securitas company to complain as one of their workers decided to follow me into work one morning. When I stopped and asked him why he was following me he was angry and was talking about a photo that was posted of him on facebook. The company said they would call me back to address the complaint but I never heard back from them.

  4. Balance. Nicely done PV. Keep it up.


  5. @CJ: It's only balanced because those contacted chose to answer. As we have said before, we have contacted those involved in the past for comment, however, it's up to them whether they do. If they don't, there isn't anything we can do but go with what we've got. If that makes us look unfair, so be it. It's not for lack of trying.

    By the way, we would have more respect for your perspective if we know what your journalistic credentials were.