Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The Purple Violet Press on Global News

Global reporter Mayya Assouad makes The Purple Violet Press part of her analysis on the rumors and misinformation from both sides of the shale gas issue.

- video courtesy of Global News Maritimes at www.globalmaritimes.com


  1. Angry Young Man20 July 2011 at 12:03

    Why the hell is Dykstra still speaking out for that group of 4 losers?

    Obviously the government set that interview up with her now that she is a spoke person for them!!

  2. Minister Margaret-Ann Blaney is dismissing a very real and proven concern about shale gas exploration.

    The shale gas industry picks the appropriate chemicals for any given well site from a vast toolbox of hundreds of chemicals. A work crew may only use 8-12 chemicals per site, or per operation, but the potential number of chemicals in use in the Province of New Brunswick may rise into the tens or hundreds.

    Minister Blaney destroyed the wetlands regulatory framework here in New Brunswick and one can expect the same for the shale gas regulatory framework. You can bet that Minister Blaney will have a limited number of environment monitors watching these operations in NB. How convenient!

    We will never know what chemicals they are pouring down each borehole because no one will be watching! Just like we will never know what wetlands are being drilled, infilled, or drained because more than half of all wetlands no longer exist on the NB Geo map used by the Department of Environment.

    Mark D'Arcy
    Fredericton, New Brunswick