Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

SECURITAS Responds...

The Purple Violet Press contacted SECURITAS head office in Moncton today for comment on the allegations of intimidation by one of it's officers towards local citizens recently in Penniac. Manager Jennifer Canning made the following statement:  "Due to reasons of confidentiality, we can't comment."


  1. The company called the cops on my brother and accused him of making false complaints about the guy following him around one morning. The guy was mad because he is in the background of my Durham confrontation video that was posted on YouTube and all over facebook. He was in no way the center of attention in that video, so he can get over it. These power-tripping mall cops aren't even worth our time..

  2. I wish someone would bring me in that area so I can do a video!!!

    Email me



  3. Angry Young Man29 July 2011 at 09:01

    Careful Charles, i stopped and asked the Mall Cop losers "how would you like this happening in your back yard?" and i got a visit by the RCMP.

  4. and you are scared of the RCMP?

  5. @ Dalt Wisney. Not a chance