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Friday, 29 July 2011

Mayor Woodside Speaks About Fracking in Fredericton

(Photo: City of Fredericton website)

Recently The Purple Violet Press has been in contact with City of Fredericton officials regarding the work of shale gas companies within city limits, it's potential of leading to fracking and where the city stands on the issue. The following is the latest comment Mayor Brad Woodside gave to this publication today via Twitter:

"FYI I was talking to the man in charge [SWN General Manager Tom Alexander] and there will be no fracking in Fredericton unless I know about it and there is none happening now."

The Purple Violet Press has followed up this correspondence and asked the mayor:  "So if you are notified, will you approve of it when/if it does happen?"

We await the mayor's response.

1 comment:

  1. "No fracking in Fredericton unless I know about it"?????

    It's as if he thinks people are not concerned with hydrofracking, we're just concerned whether or not he knows about it.

    Don't comments like that just make you love politicians that much more?