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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Blasphemous Rumors: Meeting Not Happening

There is a rumor circulating the province is putting on an information session Thursday for municipal councillors and mayors to educate them on the facts of fracking. However, according to Anne Bullmonteith, a Natural Resources communications officer, she isn't aware of any meeting taking place. Since the shale gas industry in New Brunswick is in part overseen by Natural Resources, it's logical to assume if they aren't aware of it, it likely isn't happening. However, that isn't to say there may not be one in the future and The Purple Violet Press will continue to monitor the situation and report on it if it happens.

UPDATE: The Purple Violet Press received a response back moments ago from an inquiry to SWN about whether they've heard anything about such a meeting taking place. General Manager Tom Alexander said, "I am not aware of that." 

UPDATE II: The Purple Violet Press contacted the City of Fredericton to inquire whether Mayor Woodside is attending any meeting with the province on Thursday. According to his assistant, there is nothing in his schedule with the province that day.

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