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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Shale Gas Forum Outside: Quoted...

"We don't normally participate in peaceful protests, we take action. We're helping out on this but the time will come when action will have to be taken if the government ignores the words of the people crying out today."
Hart Perley, Wolostokyik First Nation

"I'm here to listen. If it's harmful to people we don't need it to come at a price."
- Denis Landry, Liberal MLA,  Centre-Peninsule-Saint Sauveur

"It's nice to be popular."
- Tom Alexander, General Manager, SWN Resources Canada

"We don't want it! It's ruining Mother Earth!"
- Susan Levi-Peters,  Micmac First Nation, to Environment Minister  Margaret-Ann Blaney

"It usually takes me one hour to mow my lawn, now it takes four!" 
- Bertrand LeBlanc, Liberal MLA  Rogersville-Kouchibouguac, who joined today's protest, commenting on concerned constituents coming to his house to talk about shale gas issue

"Real men don't frack!" 
-shouted by protester in the crowd as Natural Resources Minister left the meeting with them outside Fredericton Inn

"The government needs to supervise companies in the area [doing seismic testing near homes] so the people don't have to. It would set people at ease. They're scared." 
- Mellisa Gallant, Ban Fracking NB 

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