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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Shale Gas Forum Inside: Quoted...

"It was a mixed crowd [in the meeting], some think it unethical to go down that road [shale gas], other people are for it. It was a respectful debate. But if it's unethical, it's unethical. We want people to think of the ethics...it's similar to the NB Power sale issue, the government is making decisions without discussions with the people."
- David Coon, Executive Director, Conservation Council of New Brunswick

"There are no similarities between the two [NB Power sale and shale gas]...Big companies are involved so the scope of the industry changes...we want to be ready [by regulating the industry]. 
-Hon. Craig Leonard, Minister of Energy

"A broad range of ideas were exchanged today. Concerns were brought forward but it [shale gas forum] also shows people can work together to come up with innovative solutions."
- Tom Alexander, General Manager, SWN Resources Canada

"The tone of the meeting was good. It was a mixture of representatives...a respectful debate. There will be a report issued in a few weeks."
- Hon. Bruce Northrup, Minister of Natural Resources

"There is no question the people are scared. We have to do a better job to get information out on the regulations that will protect people...we will have more consultation as the process continues."
- Hon. Craig Leonard, Minister of Energy

"The part in the press release about a bond being put on [shale gas] companies to operate here, that's already in the Oil and Gas Act."
-Hillary Casey, Press Secretary, Office of the Official Opposition

"Where is the oversight? There needs to be regulators in place."
-Denis Landry, Liberal MLA, Centre-Peninsule-Saint Sauveur

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