Letters to the Editor

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Province Announces Stronger Requirements for Natural Gas Development

- Communications New Brunswick press release excerpt:

Under these new requirements, oil and natural gas companies who want to engage in exploration, development and production will have to: 

●    conduct baseline testing on all potable water wells within a minimum distance of 200 metres of seismic testing and 500 metres of oil or gas drilling before operations can begin. These will be minimum requirements and may be increased depending upon the situation;
●    provide full disclosure of all proposed, and actual, contents of all fluids and chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing (fracing) process; and
●    establish a security bond to protect property owners from industrial accidents, including the loss of/or contamination of drinking water, that places the burden of proof on industry.

The provincial government has also committed to develop a formula so landowners and nearby communities can share in the financial benefits of the natural gas industry. 

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