Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Village of Doaktown clarifies stance on shale gas

Press release sent out today to clear up confusion

The Village of Doaktown is open for business to any endeavor, be that an industrial or commercial operation which would include Shale Gas Operations. 

The Mayor and Village Council are not against fracking or hydraulic fracturing, forest operations or any other industrial operation. We do as that any operation be done safely and responsibly.

The Mayor and Council did pass a resolution at a regularly scheduled Council meeting on February 9, 2012 to protect the water supply of our residents.

The energy companies currently operating under license in our area have taken no exception with the resolution that we passed on Feb. 9, 2012 and they are committed to protecting the environment and any water supply.

The Mayor and Village Council have worked closely with SWN Resources and their agents with their efforts in and around our area last summer. SWN Resources have been highly professional and cooperative in their dealings with the Village of Doaktown. The Village of Doaktown and SWN Resources are committed to continue to work together for our mutual benefit.

The Village of Doaktown was recently the victim of a press release by others to indicate the Village had taken position against shale gas, and that is not true. Anyone making a false representation of our policy may be subject to legal action.

Mayor Charles E. Stewart 
Doaktown Village Council