Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The People's Alliance - Province's tourism marketing rules seem like underhanded patronage clause

With each passing month it becomes clearer and clearer the left and right hands of the Alward government are not working together in the best interest of anyone except their own inner circle.

The PC's pledged time and again in the election they would make numerous spending initiatives and bring us out of deficit at the same time. Ever since, the Tories have made one excuse after another to cut services and delay those same spending promises, while continuing to run a deficit, said People's Alliance party leader Kris Austin.

Now we see from a CBC story this Tuesday that the Alward government has found a new way to reward its friends and allies through the patronage system by not allowing marketing firms to represent anyone but the interests of the governing party if they are to win the bid on the tourism marketing contract.

Austin said this can all be traced to the fact the current government believes it is above the average New Brunswicker when it comes to acting ethically and practicing self-restraint.

The core of the problem is this government thinks the money they award to contracts is their own,” Austin said. “And by that logic, the Tories think they can decide ahead of time who gets the bid even if it is blatant partisanship.”

The People's Alliance feels the former conflict-of-interest rules that prohibited firms from working on the tourism strategies of competing tourism markets were sufficient.

“What the Alward PC's have done is slap New Brunswickers in the face one more time with their total contempt for the people in this province that didn't occupy the election campaign bus and don't hang out in the government backrooms of the legislature,” Austin said.