Letters to the Editor

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Occupy Fredericton Speaker Series

Occupy Fredericton has taken its message indoors and is holding a bi-weekly speaker series around the city. See below for the schedule and locations if you would like to attend:

Occupy Speakers’ Series Schedule

Tuesdays, 4 PM, Sir James Dunn Hall, Room 108, St. Thomas University
Saturdays, 11 AM, Conserver House, 180 St. John Street
  • Tuesday, January 17: Matthew Hayes, STU Sociology (Occupy Tuition: What Students Can Learn From the Occupy Movement)
  • Saturday, January 21: Susan Machum, STU Sociology (The Politics of Food Production)
  • Tuesday, January 24: Jim Gilbert-Walsh, STU Philosophy (The Attack of the Trolls: Occupy, Ideology and Social Media)
  • Saturday, January 28: Julian Walker, STU Journalism (The Once and Future New Brunswick Free Press)
  • Tuesday, January 31: Brad Cross, STU History (How the City Shapes Your Life [And How You Can Shape the City])
  • Saturday, February 4: Karen Robert, STU History (Social Movements: Lessons from Latin America)
  • Tuesday, February 7: Tom Beckley, UNB Forestry (Current Directions in New Brunswick Forest Policy)
  • Saturday, February 11: Jean Sauvageau, STU Criminology (The Harper Government and the Criminal Law Agenda)
  • Tuesday, February 14: Tony Myatt, UNB Economics (The Provincial Budget)
  • Saturday, February 18th: Bill Parenteau/Stephanie Merrill, UNB History/CCNB Action (Budworms, Hydroelecticity and Hydrofracking: Public Engagement and Natural Resource Management in New Brunswick)
  • Tuesday, February, 21st: Shaun Narine, STU Political Science (Inequality, Globalization and Canada)
  • Saturday, February 25th: Michael Boudreau, STU Criminology (The Person of the Century: The Protestor in Canada)
  • Tuesday, February 28th: Tracy Glynn, STU Environment and Society (It's Bigger than Bling-Bling and the Banks: Women's Stories of the Origins of Our Stuff and the Messages of Occupy)