Letters to the Editor

Monday, 23 January 2012

Blogger Charles LeBlanc back in business

Blogger Charles LeBlanc is officially back in business with computer equipment donated by supporters that was set up this afternoon by an IT professional sympathetic to his plight. Leblanc's equipment was removed by police during the execution of a search warrant last Friday after a lengthy investigation into whether one of their own, Cpl. Fred L'Oiseau, was libeled in a post by LeBlanc on his blog.

A steady stream of well wishers has been visiting LeBlanc's home since Friday, giving him cash and cheques to help him with legal fees in his fight against criminal libel charges if the Crown chooses to move forward on the file. 

An exhausted LeBlanc was grateful for the outpouring of public support and vows to continue doing his work in highlighting issues affecting the less fortunate.