Letters to the Editor

Thursday, 19 January 2012

BREAKING...Blogger Charles LeBlanc arrested on defamation charges; blog shut down

By Cheryl Norrad

FREDERICTON - Local Fredericton blogger Charles LeBlanc was arrested by Fredericton Police earlier today on charges of criminal defamation. Police raided LeBlanc's home this morning, taking his computer equipment and means of producing his blog. After being processed, LeBlanc was released from police custody and will appear in court on the matter April 20.

 Above, LeBlanc's desk minus computer equipment after police raided his home and seized his computer today

On Monday, LeBlanc pleaded guilty in court to violating a city noise by-law. The case stemmed from LeBlanc protesting in front of the city police station last summer using a bullhorn which authorities claimed gave disturbed locals cause to complain. LeBlanc was trying to draw attention to the fact he was ticketed for not wearing a helmet while riding his bicycle based on a third-party complaint without police witnessing the violation.

The Purple Violet Press is continuing to follow this story and will update it as details emerge. In the meantime, this publication has learned friends will be donating computer equipment to LeBlanc and he will be back online with his blog tomorrow morning. Police remain tight-lipped on the matter, providing no comment to media.

Below is a link to LeBlanc's blog detailing events of today.