Letters to the Editor

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Editorial: Denied entry - Part II

The Purple Violet Press recently applied to the provincial press gallery at the Legislature for media credential to better cover the shale gas issue, and branch the blog out to other areas of news. However, we received word today we were voted down by the gallery membership 12-0, with one abstention.

We understand the reasons for the decision of the gallery, which include, no provision in the gallery's constitution for new media, and a lack of existing citizen journalism oversight, to name a few.

We were pleased to be informed in the reply, however, that our application has spurred the gallery to act in the new year on updating its constitution where blogger media is concerned. This advances the state of citizen journalism in the province, moving it closer to becoming an accepted form of reporting the public can access for information. It is now not a matter of if bloggers will be part of the press gallery, but when.

To better help the cause of citizen journalism in New Brunswick, this publication calls on all bloggers in the province to help us form a Federation of Independent Journalists. We would also like your suggestions on reputable individuals who would be willing to give of their time to make up an oversight body for the Federation. Please contact us with your ideas and input to make blogging a respectable media reality in New Brunswick. - ED.