Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Parties take joint stance on shale gas

press release

FREDERICTON - With growing concerns over the environmental damage and uncertain economic benefits from shale gas developments, the Green Party, the New Brunswick New Democrats and the People's Alliance of New Brunswick issued a joint call for the government to put an immediate halt to shale gas development in New Brunswick.

"We are pleased to speak with one voice, as parties who between them won close to one in five votes in the last provincial election," said New Democrat leader Dominic Cardy. "We have our differences, as parties, but as New Democrats seeking to be the Constructive Opposition we are happy to work with all New Brunswickers seeking a green rich future for our children."

"Regardless of whether you support the People's Alliance call for a moratorium, the NDP's policy for a legislative ban or the Greens' call for an outright ban, all three parties are sending one clear message," says People's Alliance leader Kris Austin. "We need to put the brakes on shale gas development until we are convinced it can be done safely. This industry is being recklessly pursued by the Alward government without full regard for the consequences."

"The Green Party  has a vision of a future based on renewables, not carbon fuels. We see a number of issues that preclude our support of shale gas development as proposed by the present government. We are prepared to join with the other parties promoting a different path forward for our province," said Greta Doucet, interim leader of New Brunswick's Green Party.

By showing an example of cross-party unity, we hope Conservative MLA's will vote with their conscience and stand against their government. This is a chance for Conservative MLA's to show where they stand, and for the people of New Brunswick to take note of their vote.

Kris Austin, Leader 
People's Alliance of New Brunswick

Dominic Cardy, Leader
New Brunswick's New Democrats

Greta Doucet, Interim Leader
New Brunswick Green Party

For more information, please contact: Kat Heaney 470 6549 (New Democrats), Bill Brewer (506) 654 0708 (People's Alliance), Roy MacMullin (506) 204 3770 (Green Party)