Letters to the Editor

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Now for a little poetry...

The two poems below on the subject of fracking were found at the blog Zen Moments. You can access it at the following link: http://thezenofgavin.blogspot.com

Fracking: Is It Worth It? (A Poem)

When the water ceases to flow
And the hazy moon loses it's glow
Will you pack up your bags and go?
Leave the mess for community show?

When the leaves give up their dance
Being slipped poison by chance
With propaganda people put in trance
If only the king had took a glance

It's a Fracking Devil of a Thing...

To the tools who are the fools,
The earth is but only a rock
For them dirty hands full of sin
The deal must be signed
So the greedy mouth can grin
Signing away mother nature

Trees bright green in nature,
Soon to be gone by swines, fools
The flowers look, will lose the grin
First, grass is scraped revealing rock
As illegible writing has been signed
The trees scream to muddy sand of sin

The devils trident screech of sin
As the pain is heard from nature
Trusted people let this be signed?
Now revealing the true game of fools
The tridents sting the earth rock
 See the demon lovers with their grin

Mother nature lost her grin
The drills push hard with devils sin
Scrapping rough against the rock
As poison bleeds in water-filled nature
To think all this money for fools
All know it shouldn't have been signed

Drills it did fracking signed
The profiteers with a grin
Love to kick the face of the fools
While brushing away my own sin
People start standing up for nature
With one fist clenched with rock

Now it's time to frack the rock
Water is now lost due to paper signed
The death is sung for nature
Sucking out the life with grin
Oh the devil and his many sin
How did we become such fools

Strew man with funny ads for fools
They could care now about sin
Licking lips with money and a grin